"Opera domani" project

"Opera domani" project

The main mission of Opera domani is to involve the young audience of  primary and secondary schools with the aim of developing a passion for lyric opera, by operating concretely through the educational channel. Therefore, the project lasts the entire school year.
The educational path addressed to teachers is organized in three meetings which involve the training of students in class and the viewing of the performance.
The first preliminary phase is addressed predominantly to teachers and school institutes, and it provides them a musical updating. The project continues in class with the training of students and it ends in theatre with the active participation in the lyric performance.
Each teacher will receive a didactic pamphlet with a depth analysis of the themes of the operas and links with the current context. This will help boys and girls to either get closer to lyric opera and use it as an effective mean of understanding and personal growth.
Students will receive a poetical interactive libretto about the opera, enhanced by scores, didactic and recreational activities.

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